Optimizing Recognition Programs

Your recognition program, be it awards, scholarships, or fellowships, has concluded successfully, but the journey doesn’t end here. The post-program period is an ideal moment for administrators to conduct a comprehensive audit, marking a commitment to continual improvement and enhancing user experience while ensuring optimal alignment with program goals. This article explores key considerations to bear in mind during the audit of your program.

  • If you find yourself engaged in more than four email exchanges per applicant, you might want to consider adding some automation. Picture yourself drowning in a sea of manual form submissions, sifting through emails, and managing back-and-forth communication with applicants. The emotional toll of this overload can be overwhelming for administrators. During your audit, Identify areas of manual data entry, form processing, and email communications. Assess the time spent on each task and quantify the administrative burden.
  • Reviewers play a crucial role, yet if the process is inefficient, they may lose interest. The emotional connection to the program diminishes, impacting the quality of feedback and, consequently, the program’s success. Evaluate the feedback loop, assess the frequency and quality of reviewer engagement, and identify pain points that discourage reviewers from returning.
  • Administrators frequently experience overwhelming demands, particularly in the realm of fundraising, where they find themselves teetering on the edge of exhaustion. Engulfed in a ceaseless whirlwind of tasks, they have minimal capacity for dedicated fundraising efforts. Therefore, during an audit, administrators must assess whether implementing software for program management could potentially liberate valuable time, enabling them to channel their energy towards the expansion and enhancement of the program.
  • If your current software solution falls short of expectations, it can be frustrating. Back-and-forth calls might add to the stress, especially if their offerings don’t align with your program’s goals. Assess the compatibility of your software with the program’s evolving needs and evaluate whether their solutions align with your program’s scope and future goals.

By conducting this audit, you proactively ensure continuous improvement, transparency, and authenticity in your recognition program. Adaptability and a commitment to excellence are the keys to a thriving program.

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