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RQ Fellowships empowers organizations to streamline and optimize the application and review process, enhance collaboration, and improve efficiency.

Simplify the management of your fellowship applications and ensure a seamless experience for applicants, reviewers and administrators with our comprehensive solution.

RQ Fellowship Management System - Regain back your Time

Our innovative solution is designed to simplify your Fellowship process and reclaim your time

From Hours Managing Manual Application Forms to a Few Clicks of Automated Ease 

Our Success Team works with you through gathering your requirements to setup, launch and program management

System Setup

  • Branded to match your website’s look and feel and your organization’s domain name
  • Single sign-on options
  • Integration with your backend system (AMS)
  • Payment integration capability

Streamlined Application Process

  • Efficiently manage the entire fellowship application process, from initial submission to review and selection, with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Create and customize application forms tailored to the specific requirements and criteria of fellowship programs, ensuring a seamless application experience.
  • Track and monitor the progress of fellowship applications in real-time, ensuring transparency and enabling timely follow-up with applicants.

Reviewer Management

  • Assign, track, and communicate with reviewers seamlessly, facilitating a fair and efficient evaluation process for fellowship applications
  • Choose to enable blinded reviews or conflict-of-interest notification
  • Reviewers can view and score applications, and provide comments for each application
  • Narrow down the application pool through multiple rounds of review

Manage, Communicate and Report

  • Send automated notifications to applicants, reviewers, and administrators at various stages of the process, keeping all stakeholders informed.
  • Generate comprehensive reports and analytics on application metrics, reviewer feedback, and program performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Track post-program follow-ups from Fellows in one single portal.

Popular Features for your Fellowship Programs


Consistent Branding of your Fellowship Program

With RQ Fellowships, your fellowship landing page will be custom-branded to match your existing website and brand identity.


Application Flexibility

A good application can take hours. With RQ Fellowships, applicants can save their work as Draft. Automated reminders can be sent to applicants to finalize their applications.


Easy Multi-Phase Review Process

An easy-to-use platform, helping admins in assigning and, tracking reviewer progress, and communicating across several review phases.


Acceptance and Follow-up

With our proprietary RQ SmartTracker module, selected Fellows can submit mandatory follow-up documents and information. Never lose track of documents again!


Alumni Directory

Never lose track of your Fellows again by providing them with an easy way to maintain contact information, career updates and publications, and collaborate with other alumni with RQ Alumni Directory.

Best in Class Integrations

Connect with Leading CRM and Association Management Software (AMS) Solutions. Don't see your system? Reach out, and we'll make it happen!


Everything You Need to Know

We answered some of the most common questions we get asked.



Everything You Need to Know

We answered some of the most common questions we get asked.

Fellowship management software is designed for organizations to efficiently oversee fellowship programs, handling the application submission, assessment, and review processes. It streamlines the intake of applications and facilitates their evaluation by reviewers, ensuring a smooth operation for fellowship program managers.

Choosing reliable software with essential features is vital, while strong security measures, and privacy law compliance, are imperative due to the handling of personal data.

From applications to reviews, administration to reporting, RQ Fellowships streamlines every aspect. It accommodates the unique needs of each Fellowship program, whether it involves simple workflows or complex, multi-phased reviews. 

With the addition of RQ SmartTracker™, you can provide post-program forms and tracking of required items to be submitted by recipients such as headshots and W9s. 

RQ Fellowships guarantees fairness and transparency through a customizable review portal, blinded reviews, conflict-of-interest notifications, reviewer comments, multi-round reviews, and pre-defined eligibility and workflow options. This comprehensive approach ensures an equitable and well-documented selection process.

  1. Customization Excellence: RQ Fellowships stands out for its extensive customization options, allowing organizations to align every aspect of their fellowship program with their unique vision and goals.
  2. RQ SmartTracker™: Our innovative RQ SmartTracker™ module simplifies progress tracking and follow-ups (such W9, photograph uploads or progress reports) by providing real-time visibility into submission status, automatically flagging items needing attention, and ensuring a smooth, on-time fellowship program.
  3. Dedicated Support: We offer dedicated customer support, providing assistance from setup to completion, ensuring you make the most of our software for your fellowship program's success.

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