About RhythmQ

RhythmQ is a technology and marketing company with offices in Falls Church, Virginia, USA and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Our journey began back in 2008 as web developers and marketers when RQ Awards was created. Through listening to our customers and their requirements, RQ Awards grew quickly to become a single platform to manage any type of form submission program and process, including awards, grants, scholarships, fellowships, volunteer recruitments and more. With our additional marketing services, we help our customers broaden their program awareness and grow their application pool.

In 2020, we received the ultimate compliment when a customer told us how much RQ Awards helped their association and asked to become a part owner!  This amazing partnership has allowed us to grow, scale and learn first-hand how RQ Awards can continue to be the first choice in awards management software. 

We are industry partners of American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), HubSpot, Google, and Mississauga Board of Trade. 

Contact us to learn how RQ Awards and RQ Marketing can streamline and grow your programs, no matter. how big or small, simple or complex!

The RQ Team

Are partners include: Hubspot, Google, Shopify, ASAE and Mississauga Board of Trade

Our Culture and Values

Career Session at University of Western Ontario
Mentoring Students
4th year students at Western University in London, Ontario learn about digital marketing and technology and the multitude of opportunities in healthcare.
Helping Local Business
Providing consulting, advice and support to local business through one-on-one meetings and workshops.
Fellowship Roundtable in Washington, DC
Industry Round Tables
Speaking at industry round table events in the US and learning from attendees about their challenges helps us proactively provide solutions that result in customer success.
Industry Trade Shows - ASAE
Industry Trade Shows
As an ASAE Industry Partner, we attend the annual ASAE Conference which provides us with opportunities to network, connect and learn more from members and industry experts.
Customer Focus Groups
Customer Focus Groups
Meeting and learning from our customers not only ensures their success but helps us grow RQ Awards to a scalable all-in-one solution that meets their ongoing program needs.
RhythmQ in the Community
In the Community
RhythmQ has donated over 500 pounds of food to date for our local Food Bank with our annual food drive.