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All-in-One Application and Review Management Software

RQ Platform is an application and review management software designed to manage Awards, Scholarships, Fellowships, Mentorships, Grants, Board Nominations, Volunteer Recruitment – any form submission program followed by a review process. Easily access all your programs in one central portal, making it a breeze to keep, manage and track all your programs. From spending hours managing applications, reviews and reports, to a few clicks of automated ease, RQ Platform provides you with the entire eco-system to make you successful.

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RQ Platform for award management, scholarship management, grant management, fellowship management


Nominate, accept payments, manage multiple rounds of reviews, and carry-forward nominations

Popular Features
  • Award categories
  • Reviewer assignments
  • Single PDF for reviewers
  • RQ SmartTracker™ (Follow-up Tracking)


Manage scholarship applications, reviews, acceptance and follow-up requirements by recipients.

Popular Features
  • Eligibility filtering
  • Rule-based reviewer assignment
  • Renewal options
  • RQ SmartTracker™ (Follow-up Tracking)


Increase quality applications, provide online scoring, selection, and manage fellows and alumni.

Popular Features
  • Blinded reviews & conflict of interest options
  • Fellow onboarding
  • Alumni profile & directory
  • RQ SmartTracker™ (Follow-up Tracking)


Facilitate registrations, matching, enable progress reports and collaboration.

Popular Features
  • Mentor-mentee registration
  • Simple and advanced matching options
  • Goal setting & progress tracking
  • RQ SmartTracker™ (Follow-up Tracking)


Enable application submission, eligibility checks, committee reviews, budget and post-grant tracking.

Popular Features
  • Easy-to-use nested-logic forms
  • Funding allocation
  • Grant lifecycle tracking
  • RQ SmartTracker™ (Follow-up Tracking)

Board Nominations

Easily handle board and committee nominations through a nominating committee.

Popular Features
  • Ranking & slate management
  • Year-to-Year nomination carry-forward
  • Multi-Round ranking with chair oversight
  • RQ SmartTracker™ (Follow-up Tracking)

Join a global community of organizations that trust the RQ Platform as their go-to system to manage their awards, scholarships, grants, fellowships, mentorships, board nominations and more.

Why RQ Platform?

Our Most Popular Features

Customizable forms and review rubric setup

Set up intuitive submission forms with conditional logic, and enable options to make it easy for review committee members to view submissions, score and comment.

Side-by-side reviews for committee members

Easy for review committee members to score assigned submissions while viewing the submission side-by-side.  Option to hide specific personally identifiable information.

Schedule reminders and notifications

Keep applicants, nominators and reviewers engaged and informed with automated essential communications including reminders and notifications.

RQ SmartTrackerTM feature

Enable follow-ups for scholarship recipients (acceptance, renewals), grantees (progress reports, budget updates), fellows (onboarding, periodic reports), and alumni (profile updates).

Intuitive reporting and analytics

Generate comprehensive reports to monitor the progress and impact, enabling data-driven decisions.  Google Analytics integration provides seamless web analytics and marketing campaign insights.

Single sign-on plus additional options

Create a simpler experience with pre-filled submission form fields based on profile information retrieved through single sign-on, such as member type, paid status and contact details.

Learn how the RQ Platform can revolutionize your award recognition programs, saving you invaluable time and resources.

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Our expertise lies in connecting you with your ideal audience. Whether it’s boosting awareness for your programs or driving up registration numbers for your annual conference, we’re here to ensure you achieve your marketing objectives.

What are your marketing goals?

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  • Get more quality applications
  • Boost conference registrations
  • Grow your membership

This Is What Our Customers Think About Us

The RQ Platform is the #1 choice of universities, associations, non-profits, school boards and for-profit organizations to manage their recognition programs.

Capterra Reviews of RQ Platform
I really appreciate the customizations that were done to make the system perfectly match our process. I’ve been happy with how the platform has worked for us.
Annie, Veterinary Medical Organization – Scholarships
I like that it’s a product we can easily brand and is consistent with our look and feel. And that it is user friendly for both us and the applicants. The dashboard is easy to use.
Marta, Non-profit, Science & Technology – Fellowships
It was our first year using the RQ Awards system. The board really liked the platform and they found it very easy to use and intuitive.  Really happy working with the RQ team.
Theresa, Coffee Organization – Awards

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