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RQ Awards Management System is an all-in-one Application and Review software platform for streamlining and simplifying your entire program, designed for Awards, Scholarships, Grants, Fellowships, Mentorships, Volunteer Recruitment and more.  Book a demo with our Experts and learn more!

4.8 Star Rating
4.8 Star Rating
4.8 Star Rating

From Hours Managing Applications and Reviews to a Few Clicks of Automated Ease 

RQ Awards Welcome Page

Application forms with conditional logic and e-reference provider capability

Multi-phase reviews with easy application viewing and scoring

Dedicated Customer Success Specialists

Reporting and analytics

Web Service API integration and single sign-on

What We Do

We provide an application and review software platform where all tasks by applicants, nominators, reviewers and administrators are handled in a single integrated software.


Nominators can easily submit required information and supporting documents, and save their work in progress. Multi-phased reviews can range from category selection to voting in an easy-to-use interface.


Save hours of time eliminating ineligible applications with logic-based checks. Applicants can request e-references and upload supporting documents. Easily keep track of your recipients and alumni!


Administrators can easily view, filter and track an application's progress, communicate with stakeholders, view data through one-click reporting, and seamlessly manage a grant program's follow-up documentation.


RQ Awards can manage simple and complex scholarship applications, selection process, communication, administration, reporting and follow-up documentation to be submitted by your recipients.


Manage your mentor and mentee registrations and collaboration, facilitate assignments, goal tracking and progress reports.

Other programs
Other Programs

RQ Awards can be used for any program that includes an application form and a review process. Our solutions are used for call-for-proposals, board nominations, abstracts, volunteer recruitment and more.

5 Easy Steps To Launch Your Award Program


1. Kick-off Meeting

RQ Awards ensures a seamless experience, beginning with a thorough discovery call to tailor your online awards system. Your success is our priority.


2. Setup

Relax as our team sets up your system according to your needs - including your custom home page, forms, review rubric, and reports. Then we hand you the keys to start testing.


3. Feedback

Start testing your system and share your feedback through our dedicated feedback tracker. We schedule regular meetings with you to ensure that we are on schedule to meet your deadlines.


4. Training

We'll empower you to become the expert of your program, offering personalized tips and expert guidance on mastering RQ Awards to enhance your program's performance.


5. Go live!

When your program is ready for launch, we'll meticulously review it, leaving no room for issues or gaps. We ensure your success right from the start.

 Perfect For You

Streamlining Awards Success for Everyone


Administrator/ Program Manager

Experience effortless program management by understanding every detail of your program



Nominators/ Applicants

Enjoy a seamless experience completing their nomination/application from start to finish.



Reviewers/ Judges

Optimize the evaluation process with efficiency


Best in class Integrations

Connect with leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Association Management Software (AMS) solutions. Don't see your system? Reach out, and we'll make it happen!

RQ Marketing Services

Helping you Reach your Target Audience

Program Outreach

Through a meticulously crafted digital strategy that can include social media, online ads, search engine optimization (SEO), job boards, and email marketing, we ensure your program gains the spotlight it deserves, increases applications, and effectively reaches the ideal candidates.

Online Advertising

Boost your online presence and expand your reach with our specialized advertising solutions tailored to target and increase registrations for annual events, conferences, memberships, and more.


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RQ Awards is the #1 choice of universities, associations, non-profits, school boards and for-profits to manage their recognition programs.


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Discover our blog for valuable insights to optimize your Awards Program. Explore data-driven reports, trends, guides, templates, and more for effective awards management software utilization.

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Awards. Scholarships. Grants. Fellowships. Mentorships. Volunteer Recruitment + More.

All-in-One Award Management System 

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