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We specialize in helping non-profits, associations, and businesses connect with the right audience. From creating awareness of your award programs to boosting your annual conference registrations, our tailored approach ensures that your awards, scholarships, mentorships, fellowships, and grants make a meaningful impact, reaching the right people and creating lasting awareness.

Why RQ Marketing Services?

Broaden Program Awareness

Enhance the visibility of your program, driving better engagement and a stronger connection with potential participants.

Increase Application Pool

Boost your application numbers with targeted outreach. We help attract more qualified applicants and achieve your goals.

Target the Right Audience

We ensure that your message resonates with the right audience that is most likely to engage and take action.

Increase Conference Registrations

We create a strategy to increase the number of registrations by reaching a broader audience in multiple ways.

Grow your Membership

Expand your membership base with our personalized outreach, fostering sustained growth and community engagement.

Conversion Tracking

Our custom dashboard will help you understand the entire user-journey that is optimized at every step to maximize ROI.

RQ Marketing

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How Our Marketing Engagement Works

We take the time to learn about your organization, your past and current marketing efforts and your results.


We start by gaining an understanding of your objectives and goals. This knowledge forms the foundation of a well-thought digital marketing strategy. Our strategies are not based on guesswork but on data-driven insights.


We combine various digital marketing channels, including social media, email marketing, and paid advertising, to ensure your message reaches your audience through their preferred platforms.

Monitor & Optimize

We monitor key performance indicators and continuously optimize  our marketing efforts. We provide you with an analytics dashboard that is customized according to your requirements.

Marketing Services that Drive Conversions

We specialize in digital marketing services that don’t just attract traffic – they drive conversions. We understand the unique challenges various organizations face in reaching their target audience and inspiring them to take action.

Online Advertising

We leverage online advertising platforms to reach a wider audience, attract potential applicants or conference registrants, and engage your target demographic effectively.

Online Advertising

Email Marketing

Utilize email campaigns to nurture leads, maintain engagement, and guide members or applicants through the conversion funnel.

Social Media Marketing

We create and manage social media campaigns to build awareness and engage your target audience, effectively directing them towards your desired actions.

Conversion Tracking

Through optimized conversion tracking, we ensure that every visitor is encouraged to take the desired action, whether that’s registering, applying  or engaging.

I’m highly impressed with the marketing team, their extensive knowledge and invaluable recommendations have significantly improved our campaigns.

Dori, Neurological Association

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