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RQ Awards Features in Focus: Email Scheduler


Effective communication and deadline adherence are crucial elements in any program, especially when it comes to managing applications and recommendations. Recognizing this need, many organizations are turning to automation to streamline their workflows and ensure timely communication with stakeholders.

One such automation tool that has proven to be invaluable is the Automated Email Scheduler. By leveraging this feature, program managers can send timely reminders to both applicants and recommenders, improving communication and increasing adherence to deadlines.

How Does It Work?

Program administrators can configure their existing pre-written custom emails to be scheduled to be sent at a date and time of their choosing depending on specific conditions they select.

For applicants, these emails typically include details about the upcoming deadline, instructions on how to complete the application process, and contact information for any questions or assistance needed. For recommenders, emails may include requests for letters of recommendation, submission deadlines, and guidelines for formatting or content.

Benefits for Applicants

For applicants, automated reminder emails serve as helpful nudges to ensure they don’t miss important deadlines. In the midst of busy schedules and competing priorities, these reminders can be a lifesaver, helping them stay on track with their application submissions. Additionally, having clear instructions and readily available support contacts can alleviate any confusion or stress associated with the application process.

Benefits for Recommenders

Similarly, automated reminder emails benefit recommenders by keeping them informed about upcoming deadlines and providing clear instructions on how to submit their recommendations. This reduces the likelihood of recommenders forgetting to submit their letters or missing the deadline due to oversight. By simplifying the process and making it easy for recommenders to fulfill their role, administrators can ensure a smoother and more efficient application review process.


By leveraging this feature, a program administrator can save time, increase productivity, and keep stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the program lifecycle.

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