Why Online Forms Should be User Friendly

Why Online Forms Should be User Friendly

Whether you manage a program for scholarships, grants, fellowships, or volunteer recruitment, your application online forms play an important role. These forms are crucial because they help in collecting the right information from applicants. Here are just a few reasons why:

Improved User Experience:

A user-friendly form is easy to understand, navigate, and fill out. This leads to a more positive experience for the applicant and can increase the likelihood of them completing the form with the right information.

Increased Completion Rates:

If a form is confusing or difficult to complete, applicants are likely to abandon it. On the other hand, a well-designed form can improve completion rates. It does so by making it easier for applicants to provide the information required.

Better Data Quality:

A user-friendly form can help to ensure that applicants provide accurate and complete information. If a form is confusing or difficult to fill out, applicants may make mistakes or skip important fields, which can lead to incomplete or inaccurate data.

Improved Accessibility:

Making online forms user-friendly can also make them more accessible to applicants with disabilities, as well as applicants with limited computer skills. This can help to increase the diversity of applicants who can effectively interact with your form.

In summary, making forms user-friendly can improve your applicant’s experience, increase conversion rates, improve data quality, and improve accessibility, making it a critical component in making your program successful with high-quality applications.


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