5 easy steps


Running an awards program is no simple task, many times launching a new software can feel like a constant exercise in planning ahead, executing in the moment and putting out fires before, during, and after. Therefore, to ensure a seamless experience and a successful launch, RQ Awards offers a comprehensive 5-step guide to make your award program a resounding success.

  1. Kick-off Meeting: The foundation of any successful program lies in a thorough understanding of your unique needs and objectives. RQ Awards kicks off the process with a detailed discovery call, ensuring a tailor-made online awards system. Your success is our priority, and this initial meeting sets the stage for a collaborative and productive partnership.
  2. Setup: Once the objectives are clear, RQ Awards takes the reins in the Setup phase. Relax as our experienced onboarding team configures your system according to your specifications, including custom home pages, forms, review rubrics, and reports.
  3. Feedback: Your input is invaluable, and RQ Awards recognizes this by incorporating a dedicated feedback mechanism. As you begin testing the system, regular meetings are scheduled to ensure that the development aligns with your expectations and stays on track to meet deadlines.
  4. Training: Empowering you to take the lead in managing your award program is a crucial aspect of RQ Awards’ approach. In the Training phase, you’ll receive personalized tips and expert guidance to master the intricacies of RQ Awards.
  5. Go live!: The moment you’ve been eagerly anticipating arrives in the Go-live phase. RQ Awards meticulously reviews every aspect of your program, leaving no room for issues or gaps. This thorough process ensures a smooth launch, setting the stage for the success of your award program right from the start.

Ready to take your awards program to the next level? RQ Awards Management System might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.  Contact us to learn how RQ Awards can simplify the awards nomination process.  Take a tour of the RQ Awards Demo Site and complete a Nomination for yourself!

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