RQ Awards Management System

RQ Grants

RQ Grants is an application and review software designed to streamline the process of managing grants, applying for grants, selecting grant recipients, tracking progress and compliance of grant-funded projects and ensuring that all the necessary documentation is organized and accessible.

RQ Awards for Grants

Our innovative solution is designed to simplify your grants management process and help you run an impactful program

Transforming Grant Management from Hours of Work to a Few Clicks of Automated Ease

Our Success Team collaborates closely with you from collecting your requirements to setting up, launching, and managing your program

System Setup

Branded to match your website’s look and feel and your organization’s domain name.

Single sign-on options with integration with your backend system (AMS).

List all of your Grant requirements on your home page to ensure your applicants are successful.

RQ Awards for Grants
RQ Awards for Grants

Application Tracking

Effectively manage the entire grant submission process, from application to review and post-grant follow-ups.

Upload required supporting documents and make e-request for references from the system.

Monitor the grant application process in real-time, enabling timely follow-ups with applicants.

Reviewer Management

Assign, track, and communicate with reviewers, facilitating a fair and efficient evaluation process.

Enable blinded reviewers or conflict-of-interest options.

Reviewers can view and score applications, and provide comments.

Narrow down the grant application pool through multiple rounds of reviews.

RQ Awards for Grant Reviewers
RQ Awards for Grants - Reports

Manage, Communicate and Report

Send automated notifications to applicants, reviewers, and administrators at various stages of the process, keeping all stakeholders informed.

Generate comprehensive reports and analytics on application metrics, reviewer feedback, and program performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Track post-program follow-ups from Grantees in one single portal.

Best in Class Integrations

Connect with Leading CRM and Association Management Software (AMS) Solutions. Don't see your system? Reach out, and we'll make it happen!


Everything You Need to Know

We answered some of the most common questions we get asked.



Everything You Need to Know

We answered some of the most common questions we get asked.

Grant Management Software is designed to streamline the process of managing grants. This includes tasks such as applying for grants, tracking the progress and compliance of grant-funded projects, managing budgets and financial reporting, and ensuring that all the necessary documentation is organized and accessible.

Choosing reliable software with essential features is vital, while strong security measures, and privacy law compliance, are imperative due to the handling of personal data.

RQ Awards for Grants can streamline the grant application process in several ways, making it more efficient, organized, and accessible for both grant-making organizations and applicants.

With features that include application tracking, customizable application forms, centralized data management, streamlined communications, reviewing and scoring tools, and reporting and analytics, RQ Grants helps you gain back your time.

RQ Grants ensures fairness and transparency in the application process through several key features and practices designed to minimize biases and provide equal opportunities for all applicants. 

Key features include:

(1) Customizable but standardized application forms to ensure that all applicants provide the same type of information in a uniform format.

(2) Blind review processes  minimize personal biases and focus the evaluation strictly on the merits of the application.

(3) Audit trails of all actions taken during the application process. This record-keeping supports accountability, allowing for the review and validation of decisions made.


(1) Customization Excellence: RQ Grants stands out for its extensive customization options, allowing organizations to align every aspect of their grant program with their unique vision and goals.

(2) RQ SmartTracker: Our innovative RQ SmartTracker module simplifies progress tracking and follow-ups (such W9, photograph uploads or progress reports) by providing real-time visibility into submission status, automatically flagging items needing attention, and ensuring a smooth, on-time fellowship program.

(3) Dedicated Support: We offer dedicated customer support, providing assistance from setup to completion, ensuring you make the most of our software for your fellowship program's success.

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RQ Awards is the #1 choice of universities, associations, non-profits, school boards and for-profits to manage their grant programs.

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