RQ Scholarships

Online Scholarship Application Software

How RQ Scholarships is set up
to meet your Scholarship Program Requirements

RQ Scholarships is built on the RQ Awards Online Software, making it possible to have a customized setup for each of your Scholarship Programs. Each Scholarship Program has a unique identity and specific requirements. Save hours of time with automated eligibility checks and custom data reports. From simple forms to complex multi-phased reviews, RQ Scholarships is a user-friendly online scholarship application software for Applicants, Reviewers and Administrators. Request a scholarship management software demo today!

Your System

Our project manager will gather your requirements and help setup your online awards system.

Key Features: 

  • Branded to match your website’s look and feel
  • Single sign-on options
  • Integration with your backend system (AMS)
  • Payment integration capability
  • Customized landing page with scholarship reference information for applicants
  • Migrate existing data to your new system


Easy for applicants to apply, seek references electronically and complete scholarship acceptance.


Key Features: 

  • Online application forms with the ability to upload documents, images and videos 
  • Eligibility checking and workflow options
  • Seek supporting letters and recommendations through system-generated direct emails
  • Ability to save work-in-progress or submit finalized application
  • Complete scholarship acceptance, and provide progress reports

Online Review

Easy for reviewers, judges and committee members to view and score assigned applications.


Key Features: 

  • Online review portal capability with review criteria, rubric and scoring customized to your process
  • Choose to enable blinded reviews or conflict-of-interest application
  • Reviewers can view and score applications, and provide comments for each application
  • Narrow down the application pool through multiple rounds of review 
  • Option to enable conflict-of-interest notification
  • View and score assigned applications, and provide comments
  • Progress applications through multiple rounds of review


Seamless for administrators to track progress through system notifications and reporting.


Key Features: 

  • View and track application progress
  • Assign applications to specific reviewers
  • Monitor and manage reviews to ensure they are progressing smoothly
  • One-click reporting to receive the most recent data at any time
  • Carry forward applications across multiple years 
  • Notify and communicate with users to keep them up to date 
  • Track and manage scholarship acceptances and progress reports




Online Scholarship Application Software to manage applications, reviews, acceptance and reports 


Why RQ Scholarships?

As part of the RQ Awards Online Software Platform, RQ Scholarships is a proven scholarship application  management solution used by organizations around the world for over 12 years to simplify and streamline their Scholarship programs.

RQ Awards is also used for Awards, Grants, Fellowships, Mentorships, Call-for-proposals, Committee / Board Appointments, Accreditations, Abstracts, Judges / Volunteer Recruitment Programs or Contests - any form that requires a review process.


  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Project management
  • Requirements gathering
  • Design and setup

Proven Solution

  • Customized to meet all your requirements 
  • Branded to your website’s look & feel
  • Single sign-on option
  • Integrates with major AMS, CRM and Payment systems

No Hidden Costs

  • Unlimited support included
  • Administrator training Included
  • 24*7 access to support 
  • Complimentary consulting

Our Scholarship Experts provide the best support

You won’t be stranded with a manual and expensive support contract. Your scholarship program will be configured and set up by our Scholarship Experts, matching your website and your domain – from start to finish, year after year. Download our Feature List or contact our Scholarship Expert to learn more.