How to keep your applicants informed

Completing an application for a scholarship, grant or fellowship program can be an overwhelming experience for Applicants. In order to be successful, Applicants require a solid knowledge of expectations and an investment of time in the application process.

Your program’s welcome page is where Applicants should be able to find the information they need from start to finish, including key dates and supporting materials.

Help your Applicants by ensuring that your program has a welcome page that provides at a minimum, the following information:

  1. Consistent branding with your organization’s website.
  2. Introduction to the program.
  3. Clear call-to-action to register, download, or sign in to the system.
  4. Eligibility criteria.
  5. Detailed information.
  6. Steps on how to apply.
  7. List of expected supporting documentation, such as supporting letters from Reference Providers, publications, bio-sketches so the applicant has enough time to obtain or request materials.
  8. Frequently asked questions.
  9. Selection criteria Reviewers will use to evaluate the merit of the Application.
  10. Program guide.
  11. Interactive video that talks about the program by a program director or previous recipients or alumni.
  12. Recipient / alumni bios and testimonials.
  13. Clear contact information.
  14. Upcoming events such as Webinars.
  15. Integration with social media feed(s).
  16. Integration with email marketing for interested future applicants.

Displaying this information in a clean and user-friendly way is important.  Categorizing your information and displaying with tabs can assist with this.  Here is an example of a well-defined welcome page:

Mirzayan Fellowship

Having an informative welcome page will not only better prepare your Applicants, but can also result in a higher quality of Applicants, which is the ultimate goal of your program!

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