How to Manage your Scholarship Program more Efficiently

How to Manage your Scholarship Program more Efficiently

Extra time is an organization’s most valuable asset.When running a scholarship program, organizations can waste many hours managing the application process:

  • collecting applications,
  • filtering out ineligible ones,
  • aligning document uploads with the applications,
  • matching applications with reviewers,
  • calculating scores,
  • sending email reminders to users
  • running reports
  • following up with scholarship recipients for progress reports, enrolment confirmation and transcripts

The list goes on and on. This management process is only exacerbated when some of the steps happen virtually and others happen with paper, which requires time to convert one to another.  Forgot the fact that you have no data!

The confounding nature of this seemingly simple process is why organizations need to move their end-to-end scholarship management process online. We recently had a customer tell us that she requires 5 resources to manage all aspects of their student scholarship program.  With most of their time spent collecting information on a Google Form, copying the information into multiple spreadsheets, saving uploaded documents into file folders on dropbox, and collating it all for reviewers.

By automating these steps into an online process, as opposed to manual and semi-online, the cost savings can be substantial, not to mention the resources freed up to do more important tasks, the availability of data reports and compliance with boards requirements.

RQ Awards solves for this exact issue – moving scholarship systems online with ease, customizability, and all the support you could ask for. Leave the process to us and we will give you back your valuable time! We have years of experience working with educational institutions, associations and corporations like yours.


Since 2008, RQ Awards has helped organizations around the world simplify and streamline their Award Programs. Contact us to learn more about how RQ Awards can help your organization become more efficient.

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