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The Client

Working with the Fellowship program of one of the most prestigious academies in the USA is not only a recognition but a privilege we cherish at RhythmQ. This Fellowship program, in particular, focuses on very specific areas of science and health policy.

The Challenge

While RQ Awards was being used as their Fellowship management platform, we were asked to assist with broadening awareness of the program to increase the number of quality applications through marketing outreach.

Our Customized Approach for their Fellowship Program Outreach

Our strategy for increased awareness and outreach involved the following:

  • Update Fellowship welcome page using tools from our Marketing toolkit
  • “How did you hear” survey question was added to the Fellowship application form
  • Create and execute a social media plan
  • Create and execute an email marketing plan
  • Job boards evaluation and advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Facebook advertising
  • Custom tagging of all online marketing tactics
  • Custom analytics dashboard for monitoring

A phased approach was used for the outreach program. We ensured the Fellowship welcome page was optimized with relevant rich content and engagement options. Well-established social media channels were leveraged to reach out to the targeted user groups and influencers.

We also utilized multiple mailing lists to reach out to members and others connected to the Fellowship program using email marketing campaigns. Once all the online channels were set up and optimized, online advertising with Facebook and job boards was implemented. Popup box reminders were displayed to visitors reminding them of key dates (such us upcoming webinars).

Any outreach program will be ineffective if the outcome are not measured as a tangible result.  At RhythmQ, measurement, monitoring and optimization is core to our working model.  We set up custom tags for all online and offline marketing tactics which were mapped to a customized analytics dashboard for monitoring, enabling us to determine the most effective channels driving traffic to the Fellowship home page.

Key Highlights

  • The number of visitors to the Fellowship home page during the outreach period increased by 112% compared to the previous year
  • Social media engagement and traffic to welcome page was up 150%
  • Increased awareness and engagement by successfully targeting audiences through Facebook advertising
  • Online SEO made the Fellowship program easier to find with organic search
  • Webinar registrations were higher than in previous years
  • Fellowship application form data provided key insights into the multiple ways that applicants heard about the program
  • The number of applications were up by over 58% compared to the previous year
  • The program office was able to get a better understanding of key performance indicators

For over 12 years RQ Awards has helped organizations around the world simplify and streamline their Awards, Grants, Fellowships, Scholarships, Mentorship, Call-for-proposal, Committee / Board Appointments, Accreditation, Abstracts, Judges / Volunteer Recruitment Programs

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