In the modern business landscape, social media is incredibly vital to make people aware of awards and scholarships being offered. Not all applicants are actively searching for awards and scholarships via Google, and people often use social media out of habit instead of actively searching for products or services they desire. This article will discuss how to advertise your application cycle effectively through social media.


Often countdowns are a powerful way to make people aware of the programs being offered by your association and also add a call to action. If people know when an application is due and have consistent reminders, they are more likely to complete and submit it before forgetting. Countdowns also incentivize associations to schedule posts consistently to satisfy the social media algorithm and increase the number of impressions.

Reflecting Posts

Additionally, adding testimonial posts that acknowledge successful applicants can give people an incentive to apply. Seeing other people positively affected by this program can be a massive inspiration to complete an application in hopes of receiving the same treatment. The main principle of social media is to view a highlight reel of other people’s lives, so using human psychology as a means of marketing can be incredibly effective.

Brand Image

Your organization can also portray its values through various posts to connect with your target audience. For instance, if you are looking to give more accessibility to minority groups in the medical field, publishing video and posting content consistent with your mission statement can attract the kinds of people you want to reach for your programs.

Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms provide the capability of targeting your audience and narrowing down relevant audience groups through paid advertising and boosted posts. With Twitter and Facebook, you can select demographic location, interests, and more.  Social media advertising will help you reach a high percentage of your target audience.


Social media can help to effectively raise awareness of your association’s application cycle. Posting high-quality content on social media can help amplify your programs and increase the number of applications you receive by the end of your cycle.


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