4 Ways to Track Program Follow-up Requirements

You’ve streamlined your application process and received more submissions than ever. Your reviewers have finished their voting and selected your program’s lucky recipients. You contact them with the good news and request more information, such as a headshot, bio, w9, or college enrolment confirmation, just to name a few. Your easy process is now a tracking nightmare, when only some of your recipients remember to email their documentation. How can you get this under control?

(1) Use your Online System to Send a Custom Congratulatory Email

Sending a bulk custom email from your online system, personalized for each recipient, will not only save time, but it also now becomes trackable. Say goodbye sending emails one-by-one!

(2) Provide an Online Acceptance and Follow-up Form

Send a personalized bulk system email to recipients that need to confirm terms to their acceptance. When they log back into your program portal, their online form is waiting for them, with an easy way to provide required follow-ups.

(3) Monitor the Status

Easily monitor the status of your recipients’ follow-up requirements through your admin dashboard, or quickly see a filtered view to monitor status. In a single step you can send a reminder email to those who have not completed their tasks.

(4) Keep it Simple for your Recipients

Recipients will be familiar with your program portal. Release the follow-up forms when required so they know exactly what they need to complete during the specific time period.

Using an online system to track program follow-ups provides an end-to-end view for you as well as your applicants, it ensures compliance, and it frees you up to do more important things with your time!


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