Optimizing Your Award Management System: Key Web Analytics Metrics to Track

Optimizing Your Award Management System: Key Web Analytics Metrics to Track

An award management system typically involves tracking and managing various aspects of awards, scholarships, or grants. To effectively measure and optimize the performance of such a system, you should capture the following important web analytics stats:

User Actions

Measure the actions users take on your program landing page and within the system, such as submitting applications, watching videos or reviewing and judging applications.

Bounce Rate

Assess the bounce rate to understand the percentage of visitors who leave the system without interacting with it. A high bounce rate may indicate usability or content issues.

Session Duration

Analyze how much time users spend on the system per session. Longer sessions might indicate deeper engagement.

Page Views

Monitor the number of page views and time spent by applicants and reviewers.

Traffic Sources

Understand where your traffic is coming from, such as organic search, social media, referrals, or direct visits. This data helps you evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

User Demographics

Capture information about the demographics of your users, such as age, gender, location, and academic affiliation. This data can inform targeted marketing strategies and whether you are missing the mark.

Device and Browser

Know which devices and browsers your users prefer to access the system. This information is essential for optimizing the system’s compatibility.

Conversion Funnels

Set up conversion funnels to visualize the user journey from registration to application submission and award acceptance. Identify drop-off points and optimize the funnel.

User Feedback

Collect user feedback through surveys, forms, or feedback widgets to understand user satisfaction and gather suggestions for improvements.

With RQ Awards, you will have access these web analytics to make data-driven decisions to improve user experience and marketing efforts to attract high quality applicants for your award program.  Contact us to learn more about how your program can provide you with this valuable information.



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