The Importance of a Simple Application Process


Simplicity is essential to receive your desired number of finished applications for your awards programs. Without a simple method for applicants to answer relevant questions and upload their documents for review, they will feel overwhelmed and confused. Multiple steps to a streamlined application process will maximize the number of applicants for your awards program.

Step 1

The first relevant step is to make all of the questions answerable through an online form as opposed to downloading a PDF file to answer all the questions manually. With the ability for your applicants to quickly fill out an application while on the site, they are more likely to complete the application and submit it for review. The added step of downloading a PDF to answer basic questions makes them less likely to complete the application. They may misplace the PDF in their downloads file on their computer or forget to apply even if they have completed it.

Step 2

The second important step is to allow the required documents to be uploaded through the online form. Applicants should be able to complete the entire application on one website tab, speeding up the application process exponentially. If applicants have a hassle-free experience completing an application, then the organization is more likely to achieve a pool of quality applicants.

Step 3

Lastly, there needs to be a system to forward applications to the people reviewing them as quickly as possible. This process needs to be efficient through an award management software or a curated Excel sheet with all of the reviewers’ names and information. Suppose your association takes too long to determine who has won the award or scholarship. In that case, the applicant may feel less desire to apply in future years as they think the application process is disorganized.


Simplifying the application process for your award program is vital to gaining the traction you desire and receiving the optimal number of quality completed applications. To remain relevant, the association must have a well-organized application cycle that leaves applicants wanting to apply for many years.


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