How Online Ads Helped Share the Joy of Math Around the World


A highly-attended nation-wide math festival occurs every two years in Washington, DC that brings together children and adults to celebrate the joy of mathematics. Mathematicians inspire and challenge children and adults to see math in new and exciting ways. However, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to all large in-person gatherings, forcing the event to be virtual, potentially resulting in much lower attendance.


  • Drive awareness to the math festival event
  • Increase registrations from a wider and more diverse audience across the USA


A robust paid advertising strategy was executed that included a combination of social media and display ads. The organization’s most popular social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) were used as ad platforms.

Targeting for each event leading up to the festival, as well as during the festival, was specific based on the nature of the event. Reach was expanded to all of USA reaching a much larger audience than previously.

Social media posts were tagged with codes to gain an understanding of audience behavior and engagement. Posts primarily drove traffic to Eventbrite registration forms, as well as the website, Vimeo, Math Moms & Math Dads Facebook Group, and the newsletter signup form.

Eventbrite was integrated with social media channels and Google Analytics for optimal understanding of marketing execution.


  • Over 10k tickets were sold to a much wider geographic audience across 82 countries, enabling more than 32k children and adults to virtually attend the festival.
  • Online advertising accounted for 54% of ticket sales.
  • Math Moms & Math Dads Facebook group saw a 21% growth in members after the event and continues to grow.
  • The festival’s visibility was raised organically with a 750% in website visits compared to the previous year.

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Diana Bounphasaneu

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