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In the world of award recognition programs, effective communications with applicants and winners is one of the keys to ensuring your program is successful . Your ability to engage participants throughout their journey—from application to the ultimate victory or winning or receiving that hard-earned scholarship or grant—can make all the difference. Here are some suggested strategies that can help elevate your communication game, resulting in a seamless and rewarding experience.

Start with a Clear Welcome Message

The journey begins with the first impression. Displaying a clear welcome message sets the tone for the entire program. Be sure to outline key dates, expectations, and any additional resources that will guide applicants and winners.  These messages should be displayed on the welcome page of your system.

Utilize User-Friendly Platforms

Ensure that your communication platform is not just efficient but also user-friendly. RQ Awards Software provides an intuitive interface that simplifies and automates communication for both administrators and participants.

Personalize Your Communication

Personalization goes a long way in creating a connection. Address participants by their names and tailor messages based on their specific achievements or milestones. Personalized communication also helps to avoid spam filters.  Adding a custom image header to your email with your program name and branding will also stand out and help to ensure the participant sees your information in their inbox.

Provide Clear Guidelines and Resources

Clearly articulate guidelines for each stage of the program and provide accessible resources on your system welcome page as well as within the system so participants don’t need to go searching for critical information.  Resources can also include templates for items such as budget spreadsheets or supporting letters, ensuring consistently among your participants and resulting in fairer judging and evaluation of applicants.

Leverage Automation for Updates

Leveraging automation to keep participants in the loop with real-time updates results in efficiency for both administrators, reviewers and participants. From application status to judging, automated notifications save time for both administrators and participants.

Acceptance Confirmation

Using the system to send acceptance letters (or rejection letters) to the recipient should all be completed within your system, ensuring compliance of processes and efficiency. Recipients should also be able to accept their award, scholarship, grant or fellowship through the system, providing additional information if required.

Celebrate Achievements

Celebrate the achievements of your winners with personalized congratulatory messages. Make them feel valued and appreciated for their outstanding contributions.

Seek Feedback and Iterate

Regularly seek feedback from participants and winners. Use their insights to enhance your communication process for future cycles of your program.

How RQ Awards Software Elevates Communication

RQ Awards is designed to keep communication ease in mind. Its user-friendly interface, customizable communication tools, and automation features empower program managers to effortlessly engage with participants.

In the world of award recognition programs, effective communication is the glue that binds the experience together. With RQ Awards Software as your communication partner, you can create a program that not only recognizes excellence but also leaves a lasting positive impression on every participant.


Ready to take your programs to the next level? Award management software might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Contact us to learn how RQ Awards Management System can assist in implementing these essential best practices to free up your time and allow you to focus on more important tasks.

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