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5 Tips for Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the use of social networks to implement and develop the message and online presence of a business.

Actively engaging with customers through social media has become important as ever, with many consumers now having to shift to digital platforms to maintain communication due to the recent pandemic. As a result, many businesses have focused many of their marketing and communication strategies towards online and digital social media platforms.

This article aims to provide you with fundamental tips methods to potentially optimize the social media presence of any business through the following –

  1. Identifying Target Audience
  • Understanding the wants and needs of your company’s audience will enable you to design social media posts and other activities directly suited for them.
  • Divide audience members into groups (ex: age, nationality) to ensure each group receives content relevant to their own interests and activities.
  • Identify peak times where posts or content could potentially reach a higher engagement rate.
  1. Brand Logo & Content
  • Adding a brand logo to a company social media page will increase brand awareness and allow online members to connect with the brand, particularly through activities such as social media posts, website updates and other potential services.
  • Publishing unique and quality content relevant to your audience is another driving factor towards improving social media performance.
  1. Website & Social Integration
  • Including direct social media links to each channel, and vice-versa to drive more visitors to both your social media platforms and website.
  • Social media management tools such as Hootsuite or Sendible are effective platforms to help schedule consistent content, as well as gather important data.
  • Google Analytics is another great tool used to identify keywords most relevant to your business and obtaining the most traffic.
  1. Use of Keywords
  • Form and target keywords through social posts relevant to your business and services.
  • Implement using keywords and phrases within your various social media channels will enable Google to improve your ranking when searched.
  • Read more on our article regarding keywords for more info (5 Keyword Building Tricks for Google Ads) 
  1. Consistency is Key
  • Create an effective social media plan that will encourage your business to drive more engagement and followers to the business
  • Make sure entire social media profile on each social network is completed. Social media accounts with complete information are often ranked higher by online search engines.

Social Media Optimization is a key method to strengthen any business’ brand, increase target audience and improve brand loyalty. The implementation of the methods mentioned in this article will ensure that any business has a reliable digital marketing and social media foundation to engage with their surrounding digital community effectively.

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