Optimizing Reviews with Categories and Assignments for Better Results

How optimizing an Award Program review process with categories and assignments resulted in the elimination of manual calculations, spreadsheets and new standard product features.


  • An Engineering Association in Washington DC that manages an annual Award Program needed to categorize its Reviewers into Primary and Secondary groups of scorers, while assigning the Reviewers to Nominations. This was to ensure that the most knowledgeable or qualified Reviewers scored the correct and appropriate Nominations.
  • Program Administrators were spending large amounts of time manually managing the additional task of primary and secondary category assignment with excel spreadsheets.


  • Extend the Reviewer assignment functionality to include an additional option for categorizing Reviewers into multiple custom groups based on knowledge and qualifications.
  • Once Reviewers are categorized, they can be easily assigned to the applicable Nominations.
  • Ensure there is no increase in difficulty to the Reviewer user experience from an already simplified scoring process.
  • Specific Reviewer assignments must be maintained year over year for other cycles.


  • Input was obtained from multiple customers to ensure all criteria for creating the Reviewer Assignment tool was captured.
  • An interface was developed for the Program Administrator to be able to assign Primary and Secondary review groups to specific nominations
  • A dynamic reporting template was created to allow the Reviewer Group scores to be downloaded, averaged, and totalled for each individual nomination
  • Reviewer groups were integrated with a customizable filtering functionality for easier reporting and sorting by the
  • Program Administrators after scoring is complete.
  • Customized filters were also incorporated to allow Program Administrators to quickly filter down nominations to assign them to the correct Reviewers quickly and efficiently.


  • The new automated tool saved Program Administrators hours of time. With the addition of the dynamic reporting template with auto-calculations, excel spreadsheets were no longer required.
  • The solution developed was highly scalable to allow for multiple types of groupings for large numbers of Nominators and Reviewers.
  • A more robust and scalable feature was created with input from multiple customers, enabling it to become a standard feature of the RQ Awards Software Platform.

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