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Over the last 14 years at RQ, we have seen every review process possible, from simple voting to complex primary, secondary, tertiary review levels, multi-phased review cycles, weighted and average scoring and more. Moving from a manual process to online can be a mind-shift for many.

How do you ensure that the transition is seamless for your reviewers? Change can be difficult but providing them with the educational tools they need will assist greatly.

As a program administrator, you may have the following questions:

  • How will the reviewers log in?
  • Will they only see the applications they need to review?
  • Can we blind certain personally identifiable information from them?
  • Can they share their notes with each other?

Here are a few suggestions to ensure your reviewers have a seamless experience:

1. Step-by-step Instructions

  • Create a PDF document of clear, step-by-step instructions with visual screen captures that they can easily download.
  • Create a short video that captures the steps they need to perform on the computer screen. A great tool for this is the free Chrome extension, Screen Recorder.
  • Include instructions on your reviewer’s dashboard as well as a downloadable version section of your award system.

2. Simple Interface

  • Provide a simple dashboard for reviewers to be able to see the list of applications they need to review
  • Ensure your reviewers can see how many applications they have scored and how many more they have to complete before the deadline.

3. Easy Reviews

  • Make it easy for them to see the application and score at the same time with a side-by-side view of the submission and review rubric.
  • Allow reviewers to add notes and comments which can provide more insights or be shared with applicants at a later stage.

4. Reports

  • Provide a way for the reviewer to download their scores in a spreadsheet report with a single click
  • Create a report for each round of reviews – no more stress by setting up long spreadsheets of manual calculations and can quickly be shared at live review study sessions

5. Email Reminders

  • Send reviewers a gentle email reminder as their deadline approaches. This can be easily done with an online system where you can see the status of your reviewers and who has not completed their task.


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