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An organization’s branding and identity must be consistently used across all of its digital assets, including its website, social media and publications, and its awards program is no exception.

Completing an online application can be an overwhelming experience.  In order to be successful, Applicants require a solid knowledge of expectations and an investment of time in the application process.  Many online programs provide a simple landing page with login form and contact information, leaving the applicant unprepared.

Help your applicants by ensuring the following items are listed clearly on your program’s landing page:

  1. Branding that aligns with your organization’s assets, including logos banners, buttons, font, colours.
  2. Program overview.
  3. Clear call-to-action buttons to register, log in or download documents
  4. Eligibility criteria
  5. A step-based approach on how to apply
  6. List of supporting documentation required such as Reference Provider supporting letters, publications, bio-sketches, so the applicant has enough time to obtain or request this information
  7. Selection criteria that the Reviewers will use to evaluate the merit of the application
  8. Downloadable program guide
  9. Interactive video describing the program. This can be by a Director, or alumni. Video is proven to be more engaging
  10. Alumni bios and testimonials
  11. Frequently asked questions
  12. Contact information for further questions
  13. Important dates such as webinars or deadlines

Having an informative landing page will not only better prepare your Applicants, but can also result in achieving a higher quality of Applicants, which is the ultimate goal of your program.

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