Efficient resource sharing is crucial for success in any organization. RQ Platforms’s Resource Widget offers a streamlined solution to connect organizations with their audience. Let’s explore how this innovative tool transforms resource management, benefiting applicants, administrators, reviewers, and the organization as a whole.

How Does It Work?

RQ’s Resource Widget operates on a simple three-step process: add, select, and customize. First, administrators can easily add various types of resources such as educational materials, training resources, legal documents, and newsletters. Next, they select the specific document they wish to share. Finally, the resource can be customized to suit the target audience, ensuring relevant information reaches the right people. This intuitive process streamlines communication, making it easier than ever to share valuable content with users.

Benefits for Applicants

For applicants, the Resource Widget means easier access to vital information. Whether it’s scholarship details, training resources, or legal documents, applicants can find what they need quickly and efficiently. This streamlined access enhances the user experience, ensuring applicants feel supported and informed throughout the process.

 Benefits for Administrators

Administrators reap the rewards of simplified resource management. By using the Resource Widget, they can effortlessly organize and share a wide range of materials with applicants. This saves time and reduces administrative burden, allowing administrators to focus on other crucial tasks. Additionally, the widget’s customizable features ensure that resources are targeted and relevant, improving overall communication effectiveness.

 Benefits for Reviewers

Reviewers also benefit from the Resource Widget’s streamlined approach. By providing easy access to relevant documents and materials, reviewers can quickly assess applications or provide feedback. This accelerates the review process, leading to faster decision-making and improved efficiency. Additionally, the widget fosters transparency and consistency, enhancing the overall integrity of the review process.


In conclusion, Resource Widget transforms information sharing, benefiting applicants, administrators, and reviewers alike. Its intuitive interface and customizable features streamline communication, improving user experience and driving engagement.

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