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With RQ Platform’s Scholarship solution, the AWIS simplified their entire award and scholarship process, saving administrators significant hours. By transitioning away from manual management of their application process and introducing a highly effective review system, they were able to optimize the entire process from application to review, reporting and follow-up tracking.

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Increase in number of Final Doctoral Research Scholarship Applications


Increase in the number of Final Undergraduate Scholarship Applications


Hours of manual work saved


Industry: STEM

Location: United States

AWIS is dedicated to driving excellence in STEM by achieving equity and full participation of women in all disciplines and across all employment sectors

Each year, the AWIS awards and scholarships provide visibility and recognition of the contributions of brilliant scientists. They also offer role models and encouragement to the next generation. AWIS provides a doctoral research and undergraduate scholarship in addition to a career re-entry scholarship for AWIS members with a bachelors degree in a STEM-related field.


Facilitate a seamless transition from manual processes, specifically Google Forms, to a unified software platform, enhancing review procedures, centralizing operations, and significantly reducing the workload for AWIS administrators.


The utilization of Google Forms as the existing application system burdened administrators with managing many tasks as well as lack of security.

Administrative Overload

Administrators had difficulty managing incomplete applications and submission complaints. During the review phase, inefficiencies made aggregating scores and comments from reviewers challenging.

Challenges in Committee Reviews

The review process involved manual assessment of folders, reference letters, and attachments, resulting in subjective evaluations. The absence of a mechanism for group reviews added complexity to the process.

Difficulty tracking applicants and yearly winner

Managing and tracking winners and applicants across different years posed significant operational challenges, lacking an efficient system for year-on-year tracking.

Membership Requirement for Access

The necessity of AWIS membership created a hurdle as verifying memberships became a crucial and intricate part of the application process.

Challenges in Data Reporting and Accuracy

Ensuring efficient reporting and maintaining data accuracy across multiple sources presented a significant hurdle.


RQ Scholarship revamped AWIS’s application process, introducing a user-friendly online form, customized review interface, and collaborative engagement with a customer success team. They also implemented efficient winner and applicant tagging and an advanced reporting system for streamlined tracking and analytics.

User-Friendly Application Process

Introduced an online form with organization-branded simplicity, streamlining the application process and enhancing applicant awareness of their status.

Customized Review Process

Simplified reviewer access to applications with a side-by-side view, integrating reference letters, uploaded content, and a scoresheet based on program review rubrics.

Collaborative Customer Success Engagement

A dynamic customer success team actively contributed to enhancing system functionality. Through collaborative brainstorming in the multi-review phase, we refined questions, improved scoring rubrics, and clarified review group intricacies. 

Efficient Winner and Applicant Tagging

Implemented a robust tagging system for efficient winner and applicant categorization into cohorts, ensuring streamlined tracking and insights. This enhanced visibility into historical data facilitates data-driven decision-making, strategic resource allocation, and ongoing program improvements.

Advanced Reporting System

We eliminated the need to export data from Google Forms. By integrating advanced reporting features, tracking incomplete or draft applications became effortless within the system. Streamlined follow-ups and accessible charts for quick analytics and key metrics were introduced, simplifying reporting processes without the need for external data management. 


RQ Scholarships introduced a centralized platform, streamlining application processes, review, and post-selection support, addressing manual challenges and fostering efficient management across all Scholarship stages.

Increased Number of Applications

31% and 53% increase in the number of doctoral and undergraduate final applications with intuitive online forms.

Increase in Visitors to the Scholarship Page

10% increase in the number of visitors to the scholarship landing page.

Decrease in Manual Working Hours

Shifting to the RQ Scholarship Platform allowed AWIS administrators to decrease manual hours worked by 25%, enabling a more impactful focus on applicant applications.

Enhanced Reviewer Experience

Enhanced Reviewer Dashboard led to improved completion rates by offering better oversight of assignments and proactive follow-ups on incomplete assessments, ensuring more timely evaluations

Streamlined Management

Simultaneous management of three scholarships in RQ Scholarship eliminated the need for back-and-forth processes, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Increased Engagement

The robust tagging system allowed easy winner tracking and seamless year-to-year follow-ups, ensuring ongoing engagement with awardees.

I knew that we were in good hands. They took into consideration my budget, timeline, and overall needs for the scholarships that I was managing. Additionally, they were able to eliminate the pain points our applicants have had in years prior. While these were small pain points for the user, they were HUGE for me. So eliminating them completely was amazing. Every single person I’ve worked with at RhythmQ had been kind, caring, responsive and ready to solve any problem that comes up. Highly recommend their team and their product.
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