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Simplify and secure every aspect of your scholarship process, from applications to reviews, administration, and reporting with RQ Awards for Scholarships.

RQ Awards has all the features you need to automate your end-to-end scholarship process, including post-program tracking of status updates and reports by scholarship recipients.

4.8 Star Rating
4.8 Star Rating
4.8 Star Rating

From Hours Spent Managing Application Forms to a Few Clicks of Automated Ease

Our innovative application and review software is designed to streamline your scholarship program, backed by the expertise of dedicated Onboarding Specialists.

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Popular Features in RQ Awards for Scholarships

Starting at $600 annually

5 Easy Steps To Launch Your Scholarship Program


1. Kick-off Meeting

RO ensures a seamless experience. Beginning with a thorough discovery call to tailor your online scholarship system. Your success is our priority.


2. Setup

Relax as our team sets up your system according to your needs- including your custom homepage, forms, review rubrics, and reports. Then we hand you the keys to start testing.


3. Feedback

Start testing your system and share your feedback through our dedicated feedback tracker. We schedule regular meetings with you to ensure that we are on schedule to meet your deadlines.


4. Training

We'll empower you to become the expert of your programs, offering personalized tips and expert guidance on mastering RQ Awards to enhance your scholarship program's performance.


5. Go live!

When your scholarship program is ready to launch, we'll meticulously review it, leaving no room for issues or gaps. We ensure your success right from the start.

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Experience effortless scholarshipb program




Enjoy a seamless application experience




Optimize the evaluation process
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Best in Class Integrations

Connect with leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Association Management Software (AMS) solutions. Don't see your system? Reach out, and we'll make it happen!


Did you have other questions?

We answered some of the most common questions we get asked.



Did you have other questions?

We answered some of the most common questions we get asked.

Scholarship management software is a specialized digital platform designed for organizations, associations, and businesses to efficiently oversee scholarship programs, handling the submission, assessment, and review processes. It streamlines the intake of applications and facilitates their evaluation by reviewers, ensuring a smooth operation for scholarship organizers and program managers.

Choosing reliable software with essential features is vital, while strong security measures, and privacy law compliance, are imperative due to the handling of personal data.

RQ Awards provides a secure and adaptable solution for automating your scholarship programs. From application to reviewing, administration to reporting, our software streamlines every aspect. It flexibly accommodates the unique needs of each scholarship program, whether it involves simple workflows or complex, multi-phased reviews. Trusted by global associations, corporations, and educational institutions, RQ is your go-to scholarship Management Software.

RQ Awards guarantees fairness and transparency through a customizable review portal, blinded reviews, conflict-of-interest notifications, reviewer comments, multi-round reviews, and pre-defined eligibility and workflow options. This comprehensive approach ensures an equitable and well-documented selection process.

  1. Customization Excellence: RQ Awards stands out for its extensive customization options, allowing organizations to align every aspect of their scholarship program with their unique vision and goals.
  2. SmartTracker: Our innovative SmartTracker simplifies progress tracking and follow-ups (letters of recommendations etc.,) by providing real-time visibility into submission status, automatically flagging items needing attention, and ensuring a smooth, on-time scholarship program.
  3. Dedicated Support: We offer dedicated customer support, providing assistance from setup to completion, ensuring you make the most of our software for your scholarship program's success.

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RQ Awards is the #1 choice of universities, associations, non-profits, school boards and for-profits to manage their scholarship programs.

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