RQ Awards Management System

Manage your Grant Programs

Grant Programs have their own unique identity and specific requirements, such as simple and complex workflows, to follow-up reporting by grant recipients. 

RQ Awards is built on the RQ Platform, making it possible to have a customized setup for each of your Grant programs.

From simple forms to complex budget calculations, RQ Awards for Grant management is user-friendly for your applicants, reviewers and administrators.


Our project manager will gather your requirements and setup your grant programs.

Key Features: 

  • Branded to match your website’s look & feel
  • Custom landing page with applicant information and reference material
  • Single sign-on or registration options
  • Integration with your backend system (AMS)
  • Migrate existing data to your new system


Easy for applicants to apply, seek references electronically
complete post-grant requirements. 


Key Features: 

  • Online application forms with the ability to upload supporting documents, images and videos
  • Eligibility checking and workflow options
  • Invite co-applicants and co-investigators to provide input
  • Seek supporting letters and recommendations through system-generated direct emails
  • Ability to save work-in-progress or submit finalized application
  • Complete post-grant requirements


Easy for reviewers, judges and committee members to view and score assigned applications. 


Key Features: 

  • Online review portal capability with review criteria, rubric and scoring customized to your process
  • Choose to enable blinded reviews or conflict-of-interest application
  • Reviewers can view and score applications, and provide comments for each application
  • Narrow down the application pool through multiple rounds of review 


Seamless for administrators to track progress through system notifications and reporting.


Key Features: 

  • View and track application progress
  • Assign applications to specific reviewers
  • Monitor and manage reviews to ensure they are progressing smoothly
  • One-click reporting to receive the most recent data at any time
  • Carry forward applications across multiple years 
  • Notify and communicate with users to keep them up to date 
  • Track and manage post-grant process




Enable application submission, eligibility checks, committee reviews and post-grant tracking 


Why RQ Awards for Grants?

RQ Awards for Grants is a proven solution used by organizations around the world since 2008 to simplify and streamline their Grant programs.

RQ Awards is a single solution with a multitude of features and the scalability to be configured for Awards, Fellowships, Scholarships, Mentorships, Call-for-proposals, Board Elections, Accreditations, Abstracts, Volunteer Recruitment Programs - any form that requires a review and administration process.


  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Design and Setup

Proven Solution

  • Customized to meet all your requirements 
  • Branded to your website’s look & feel
  • Single sign-on option
  • Integrates with major AMS, CRM and Payment systems

No Hidden Costs

  • Unlimited Support Included
  • Administrator Training Included
  • 24*7 Access to Support 
  • Complimentary Consulting